Constants for System Folder

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The folders corresponding to the constants 4 to 11 no longer exist under Mac OS X (they were only used under Mac OS 9). When these constants are used under Mac OS, System Folder returns an empty string.
Constants 6, 7, 10 and 11 (Mac OS only) are therefore completely obsolete starting with version 2004 of 4D. Constants 4, 5, 8 and 9 can nevertheless still be used under Windows.

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System folder

Apple or Start Menu_AllLong Integer8
Apple or Start Menu_UserLong Integer9
Desktop WinLong Integer15
Favorites WinLong Integer14
FontsLong Integer1
Mac Control PanelsLong Integer11
Mac ExtensionsLong Integer10
Mac Shutdown Items_AllLong Integer6
Mac Shutdown Items_UserLong Integer7
Preferences or Profiles_AllLong Integer2
Preferences or Profiles_UserLong Integer3
Program Files WinLong Integer16
Startup Items_AllLong Integer4
Startup Items_UserLong Integer5
SystemLong Integer0
System WinLong Integer12
System32 WinLong Integer13